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Moon Tray with Circle Crystal Holder - Pine

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  • Ships from California (2-4 days shipping)
  • Material: pine wood
  • Length: 9.6 inches
  • Width: 4.2 inches
  • Height: 1 inches

Moon Tray Crystal Holder and Display - Crystal Tray for Stones, Healing Crystals and Gemstones Storage and Organizer Stand - Crescent Moon Bowl - Essential Oil Holder - Jewelry Dish Tray

PREMIUM PINE WOOD - our moon shaped trays have 100% unique wood grain on each tray!

PERFECT SIZE - the crystal tray is 9.6" by 4.2" - ideal to display your large and small crystals and healing stones, jewelry, essential oils, rocks, rings, keys and other decor items!

VERSATILE - use as a crystal holder or bowl, jewelry tray or ring dish. No need for a moon shelf to display your crystal collection! Use as a key holder bowl, crystal box, catchall tray or nut tray! If you're into spiritual things - use the tray for meditation accessories, to display your chakra stones. Great addition for your reiki or tarot room. Also great healing gifts. Or ramadan / eid item.

Use it in a nursery with other moon and stars decor, or astrology or astronaut decor for teenage girls or boy room.
Display your crystal collection set: citrine, celestite, obsidian stone, crystals bulk, rose quartz, amethyst cluster geode, black tourmaline, pyrite, labradorite, flourite, hematite, onyx, selenite tower, lepidolite, azurite, kyanite, ruby and other metaphysical supplies and crystal kit.

GREAT GIFT - surprise your friends - moon decor is unique and trendy! Perfume or jewlery organizer, serving dish or crystal storage or just small decorative tray, we guarantee they will find place for it in their home!

CLEANSING MOON ENERGY - charge your crystals by placing them on crystal charging plate or altar during the full moon! Enhance the spiritual power of healing crystals ! Goes great with moon shelf!

Stay Wild Moon Child - our luna tray is a great addition to your bohemian decor, boho bedroom, hippie aesthetics, meditation room or Indian decor! Cute little tray.

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