7 Reasons Why Your Glutes are Not Growing and What to Do About It

You may go to the gym daily or do workouts at home regularly, yet, when you look at your booty, you don't see much of difference. 

You do squat, after squat, after squat... But your glutes can’t seem to grow as fast as you want them to, or at all?

No worries! It's a very common issues for many people. Don't let it discourage you!

Below are the common mistakes that prevent you from these booty gains.


Yes, you heard me right! You probably saw these fake articles all over the internet promising you a perfect peach after you squat 10 times a day every day!

Don't get me wrong! Squat is a great exercise for your glutes, but squat alone will not take you far. You need to do more that just squats...

Squats are a compound move, which means they work multiple muscle groups at the same time.

You should also be doing isolation moves – aka moves that work just your glutes.

Some great isolation glute exercises include kickbacks, hip abductors, and “clams”. Use the booty bands to help you add more resistance. Best ones are HERE.

Side note, another great compound move that you need to be doing are hip thrusts! 

hip thrusts



Our muscles are used to the daily activities sitting down and up from a chair, or walking up the stairs, that they need to be challenged a bit more in order to really make a change.

And a way to push them to the limits and beyond is by using heavy weights.

Your body is used to  your own bodyweight that it's carrying every day, so you will need to challenge your muscles to a bigger weight to make them grow!

Your butt is a group of muscles and in order to grow any muscle you need lift heavy.

Some exercises are easy to add weight like squats, but with others you need to be a little bit more creative.

One of my favorite things to use on a glute day are Resistance Bands.

They’re cheap and they come with 3 different levels of difficulty. The heaviest black one will add 40-50 lbs to you exercises!

Put one over your thighs or around your lower legs while you do lunges, hip thrusts, kickbacks, clams, or pretty much any move and feel the burnnn!

They’re also a must have if you’re working out at home!

Check out our best selling bands set here.

Resistance Bands exercises


Your glutes are a complex muscle group.

They are made out of many muscles, out of which the biggest 3 are: the biggest one Gluteus Maximus, partway under it is the Gluteus Medius, and under the medius is the Gluteus Minimus.

Now, in order to make that booty grow, you have to make sure to engage all of the muscles.
And if you are doing the same exercises over and over again, the chances are you are not doing it.

Like any other muscle in the body, the booty needs to be trained from various angles and dimensions so they can really pop out and grow bigger.

So, vary your exercises, shock your glutes with a totally different move every single training, to work each of the 3 main muscles along with the many other smaller, supporting muscles.

We offer Free 2 Week Booty Workout Guide that comes with every set of resistance bands - there you will find plenty of exercises to target your glutes from different angles. Learn more


This is something many people don't like to hear - in order to grow your glutes, you need to eat in surplus - meaning consume more calories that you burn.

One important thing is the source of these calories - high quality nutrition filled with protein.

Your muscles will not grow if you don’t feed them.

So, you should eat a quality meal right after every training.
This means high protein, clean and healthy meal, to help your muscles including your booty, grow bigger and stronger.


The consistency is a key here. Doing your glute workout a couple of times a month won't do it!

You need to put in the time and effort here! Try to exercise at least 2-3 times a week. 

It's going to take time and work! The glutes that have easy life, look sad.


Another way to make sure you are activating your glutes properly during the workout is by making sure to squeeze your booty at the end of every rep.

I know this may not look the best, especially if you are working out in the gym, but trust me what matters is that it would look pretty afterward since it helps grow your glutes like nothing else.

This means that when you are doing squats, for example, you should finish the rep by squeezing the booty as hard as possible.

This is good for so many reasons.

First, you make sure to keep the form right, protecting your back and leaving no room for injuries.

You are also activating your glutes, making sure to target every single muscle of that booty, and that’s how you know you are doing the full range of the movement by really engaging the right muscles during your training.


The muscle growth won't happen overnight, you need to give yourself some time (make sure this time is filled with consistent training though). 

It’s going to happen slowly and incrementally, but if you follow these tips, it will happen!

Also, sometimes the change is not visible to you - so make sure you taking pictures to compare! Most likely you will see the change!



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